MOPA aspires to:

  • Represent the Gold Standard Specialists in providing P&O care in Manitoba
  • Be the trusted source of P&O education to support safe and sustainable certified care.
  • Be the recognized source of excellence for patient-centered P&O care for Manitobans.


MOPA inspires excellence in:

  • Patient care and business practices.
  • Promoting and communicating the value of certified orthotic and prosthetic professional services to patients, payers, and providers.
  • Pursuing the highest quality and standards of sustainable and effective value-based certified orthotic and Prosthetic care for Manitobans.
  • Leading the advancement of certified orthotic and prosthetic standards of care in the healthcare community and adhering to the highest ethical standards of our profession.


  1. Creating stakeholder awareness of the value of certified orthotic and prosthetic services.
  2. Value-based service model.
  3. Patient-centered care.
  4. Providing member education in:
    • Technology and treatment advancements.
    • Business and service provision improvements.
    • Leadership and professional development.
  5. Achieve patients' mobility goals by advocating for them and providing effective and up-to-date treatment to improve their quality of life.

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